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About the Providers

  • About BMS Canada Risk Services Limited (BMS Group)

    BMS Canada Risk Services Limited (BMS Group) is the official and exclusive broker for the SAC insurance program. BMS Canada Risk Services, headquartered in Ottawa, is part of the Global Risk division of BMS Group Limited, a Lloyd’s of London broker. Their team of industry experts provides risk management and brokerage services while offering a comprehensive range of insurance products and resources to Canadian organizations.

    ‘BMS Group’ and ‘BMS Healthcare Professionals Insurance Alliance’ are registered trading names of BMS Canada Risk Services Limited, which is a registered insurance broker in Ontario.

    There may be occasions when your insurance has been provided through BMS Canada Risk Services Limited’s own Underwriting Agency – Lions Gate Underwriting Agency. When this is the case we will advise you of such in your documentation. Lions Gate Underwriting Agency is a trading name of BMS Canada Risk Services Limited, and is registered in British Columbia (660799).

  • About the Healthcare Professionals Insurance Alliance (HPIA)

    Located in the BMS Ottawa office, the Healthcare Professionals Insurance Alliance (HPIA) designs and manages unique program structures that allow participating organizations and members to be directly involved in the services development, governance and strategic decision-making of the Alliance.

    Groups and individuals participating in the HPIA receive dedicated medico-legal advice, risk management and brokerage services delivered by industry experts. Based on liability trends in specific health care professions, in this model, risk management and patient safety have a direct, positive financial impact on premiums and loss reserves – making them a key priority.

    HPIA partners with many of Canada’s leading associations in designing programs for members, by members – providing superior legal defense services and claims management with a focus on offering the resources, structures, products and solutions customized to the needs of individual clients.

    Our experts are eager to educate you about the many benefits of the HPIA, which we believe are unlike anything else available in the industry. Participation offers immediate rewards, which includes the opportunity to collectively invest in the future development of a “by member, for member” structure.

    Member representatives and expert staff (including insurance and health care professionals) collaborate from the Ottawa office. To ensure we can meet the needs of every client, the full resources of BMS’ Vancouver, US and UK teams are actively engaged.

  • About Novex Group Insurance

    For more than a decade, Novex has been delivering individual home & auto and business insurance to members of employee and association groups. Novex distributes custom tailored insurance products through independent brokers, across the country. Novex is a member of Intact Financial Corporation (formerly ING Canada Inc.), a wholly Canadian-owned company and the largest provider of home, auto and business insurance in Canada.